空间物理中的若干前沿科学问题A Collected Works on  the Solar Terrestrial Space Physics
作者:陆全明 王赤(主编)





  The Sun is the ultimate source of almost all energy on Earth. Besides sending warmth and light to Earth, it also has different kinds of influences on the Earth and the geospace through its magnetic fields, particles, plasma and electromagnetic emissions. Since the launch of the first artificial satellite in 1957, we have entered the space age. Spaceborne and ground based observations contribute greatly to our understanding and predicting the effects of solar activity on the Earth and in space. In addition to theoretically understanding the flow of energy from the Sun through interplanetary space, the Earths magnetotail, magnetosphere and ionosphere, there are important practical implications for satellites and astronauts safety, ground electrical power systems, navigation and communication system. This volume covers the broad scope of phenomena related to space physics, from the solar activities, interplanetary disturbances, magnetospheric effects, ionospheric and thermospheric consequences. The purpose is to promote our current understanding of the chain of processes that occur between the Sun and Earth.
  The present volume consists of two parts:  the first part is concerned with the solar and heliospheric physics, and the second, the magnetospheric physics. An introduction is presented ahead of each part to give a summary of all papers included, followed by these papers. We acknowledge that this classification may not be appropriate for some papers, since the study of solar terrestrial system involves a variety of aspects. Besides, we have intentionally mixed theoretical and observational studies.
  Papers included in this volume are derived from peer-reviewed publications of which the first authors are the USTC (University of Science and Technology of China) graduates. These authors are Jinbin Cao(814), Yao Chen(937), Youqiu Hu(597), Xinlin Li(774), Xing Li(824), Wei Liu(937), Quanming Lu(907B), Yingjuan Ma(937), Chi Wang(857), Yuming Wang(957), Chuanbing Wang(937B), Fengsi Wei(587), Lidong Xia(857), Fuliang Xiao(817), Yan Xu(937), Xianghui Xue(987), Guocheng Zhou(587), and Lie Zhu(777).  
  We dedicate this volume to the memory of the 50th Anniversary of USTC.

                                                   Fengsi Wei

                                    Center for Space Science and Applied Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences


Part One Solar and Heliospheric Physics

Part  Two Magnetospheric Physics

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