计算机视觉 Computer Vision(“十一五”国家重点图书)

计算机视觉 Computer Vision
计算机视觉 Computer Vision(“十一五”国家重点图书)
作者:罗杰波 汤晓鸥 徐东(主编)






Computer vision is the science and technology of machines that see. As a scientific discipline, computer vision is concerned with the theory and practice for building artificial intelligence systems that extract information from visual data. The visual data can take many forms, such as a single image, a video sequence, views from multiple cameras, or multi-dimensional data from a medical scanner.
  Computer vision can also be described as a complement (but not necessarily the opposite) of biological vision. In biological vision, the visual perception of humans and various animals are studied, resulting in models of how these systems operate in terms of physiological processes. Computer vision,on the other hand, studies and describes artificial vision systems that are implemented in software and/or hardware. Interdisciplinary exchange between biological and computer vision has proven increasingly fruitful for both fields.
  USTC alumni have been an active and noteworthy part of the recent developments in computer vision. The objectives of this book are two-fold:(1) to provide a cross-section sampling of the diverse topics in modern computer vision, and (2) to present a cross-generation sampling of the USTC alumni working in computer vision.
  There is a bigger context for this book on Computer Vision, as a part of a book series in electrical electronic engineering and computer science for promoting the national and international reputations of USTC, reporting the cutting-edge and topical research results from alumnus of USTC, and invoking a sense of belongings and excitement among the members of the greater USTC community in commemoration of its 50-th anniversary.
  We received an overwhelming response when we contacted the USTC vision researchers. In the end, a total of sixteen high quality chapters from USTC alumnus were accepted to form this book. As a result, we are extremely pleased that the accepted chapters covered a wide range of topics in computer vision in terms of theories and related applications, including segmentation and registration, face and biometrics, image annotation, video analysis, as well as 3D reconstruction. A high-level overview of the chapters is included to help readers make the most of this book.



  Part 1 Segmentation and Registration

  Part 2 Face and Biometrics

  Part3 Image Annotation

  Part4 Video Analysis

  Part5 3D Reconstruction

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