控制系统理论及应用进展=Advances in Control Systems Theory and Applications:英文(“十一五”国家重点图书)

控制系统理论及应用进展=Advances in Control Systems Theory and Applications:英文(“十一五”国家重点图书)
作者:陶钢 孙静(主编)





  Control systems theory, as an interdisciplinary science that deals with basicprinciples underlying the analysis and synthesis of interconnected systems,hashad an enormous impact on the development of basic physical science, socialeconomy, and advanced technology. Over the last 50 years, the advancement incontrol theory and its applications have played a crucial and prominent role to enable engineering activities in improving social infrastructure,lifequality, and environment. Advanced theory for feedback control and other control mechanisms provides foundation and new insights to other branches of physical sciences such as communication, biomedical, and micro-nano systems. New control design tools have helped to streamline the system design and integration tasks for many industries, such as the process and automotive industry, thereby leading to more effective and robust products and processes.Widespread applications of micro-processors, distributed actuators and sensors, and real-time computing have further extended the domains of control application and made feedback even more ubiquitous, covering macro systems such as aircraft, automobiles as well as micro entities like biology cells and
  While it is evident that control theory has enabled many technological breakthroughs in aerospace, automotive, biomedical and other fields, it isequally convincing that new developments emerged in other fields have of-fered new challenges and opportunities for control engineers and researchers.It is this healthy cross-fertilization between the control theory and its application domains that has propelled the immense progresses of the control systems theory and led to the vast amount of scientific and technical publications in the literature. The field is developing and expanding rapidly with the stimulation of emerging challenges and the encouragement of the promising solutions.
  This book presents a collection of diverse topics on some recent advances in control systems theory and applications, contributed by the authors who have enthusiastically and persistently worked in this exciting field. Moreover, most of the authors are alumni of the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC), who studied in their Alma Mater during different time periods of her glorious 50 vears. The publication of this book is also intended to be a celebratory event for the 50th anniversary of the founding of USTC, a commemoratory testimony to those authors' Alma Mater for her dedication and contributions to education and research.



Preface to the USTC Alumni's Series


Chapter I
    A Sensitivity-Based View to the Stochastic Learning and Optimization

Chapter 2
   Brief Review of Research on Robust Pole Clustering and Robust Structural Control

Chapter 3
    Two Challenging Problems in Control Theory

Chapter 4
   Developments in Receding Horizon Optimization-Based Controls Towards Real-time Implementation for Nonlinear Systems with Fast Dynamics

Chapter 5
    Multivariable Model Reference Adaptive Control

Chapter 6
   On Computer-Controlled Variable Structure Control Systems
Chapter 7
    Multi-Robot Formation Control Based on Feedback from Onboard Sensors
Chapter 8
   Semiactive Control Strategies for Vibration Reduction in Smart Structures

Chapter 9
    Identification and Control of Nonlinear Dynamic Systems via a Constrained Input-Output Neurofuzzy Network

Chapter 10
   Decomposition-Based Robot Control

Chapter 11
   From Adaptive Observers to Decoupled State and Parameter Estimations

Chapter 12
   Reduced-Order Controllers for the H Control Problem with Unstable Invariant Zeros or Infinite Zeros

Chapter 13
   Recent Advances in Bifurcation Control

Chapter 14
   Intelligent Medical Robot Application - Tele-Neurosurgical Robot Case Study

Chapter 15
   Applications of Stochastic Control Theory in Portfolio Management

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